The Halogen bulb banned- 8 months on

In June 2021, the UK Government announced that they would be banning the sale of Halogen bulbs from September that year. Whilst Halogen bulbs are being slowly phased out over the last eight months, the government wishes to go further, and some fluorescent bulbs are scheduled to be phased out in 2023. The government has enforced this measure as a part of their continued effort to improve energy efficiency and tackle climate change.

The ban on Halogen bulbs has caused us all to rethink how we light our homes and what impact this has on our environment, both financially and environmentally. According to the Government website as of June 2021, two thirds of bulbs currently sold in the UK are LED lights, demonstrating that a shift was already under way before the ban was enforced.

LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular for good reason; they produce the same amount of light as a Halogen bulb but use up to 80% less power. Additionally, they last up to five times longer, which decreases the amount of waste and vastly improves the energy efficiency of the consumer.

As we approach a year since the ban was announced, we can already see the environmental and financial positives to replacing the Halogen bulbs with LED. Due to the rising cost of living, it is more important than ever to make more energy and money-saving choices where possible.

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May 13, 2022
Hannah Morris